Electrical Connectors: Held in place by stainless steel spring clamps, braided aluminum terminal straps in 25, 50, 100, and 200 amperage ratings are available:

Post to Post (C Type) - for connecting binding post to binding post.


Sizing Breakdown

Item #Item NameTypeRated CurrentWidthHole Diameter
C1C-Type Terminal StrapPost to Post25 Amp0.50 Inch
13 mm
0.28 Inch
7 mm
C2C-Type Terminal StrapPost to Post50 Amp0.69 Inch
17 mm
0.41 Inch
10 mm
C3C-Type Terminal StrapPost to Post100 Amp1.31 Inch
33 mm
0.56 Inch
14 mm
C4C-Type Terminal StrapPost to Post200 Amp1.31 Inch
33 mm
0.56 Inch
14 mm
C6C-Type Terminal StrapPost to Post400 Amp1.38 Inch
35 mm
0.69 Inch
18 mm

Terminal Straps Chart



Aluminum straps are stamped with the part number for easy identification and proper matching to the correct diameter Starbars.

Ordering Specifications

A letter A, B, or C identifies the type of strap. The next number indicates the current capacity 1 = 25 amps, 2 = 50 amps, 3 = 100 amps, or 4 = 200 amps. The last two digits indicate the working length in inches. To convert from millimeters to inches, divide by 25.4. Example, 254 mm ÷ 25.4 = 10 inches. If you have a strap and want to reorder, it is easier to measure the overall length. Subtract the following from the overall length in inches to determine the working length for ordering: Type A1 -3″, A2 -3.5″, A3 -6″, A4 -3″, A6 –3.75″, B1 -4.87″, B2 -7″, B3 -10″, B4 -14″, C1 -0.75″, C2 -1″, C3, C4 and C6 -1.


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