Electrical Connectors: Held in place by stainless steel spring clamps, braided aluminum terminal straps in 25, 50, 100, and 200 amperage ratings are available:

Post to Post (C Type) - for connecting binding post to binding post.


Sizing Breakdown

Item #Item NameTypeRated CurrentWidthHole Diameter
C1C-Type Terminal StrapPost to Post25 Amp0.50 Inch
13 mm
0.28 Inch
7 mm
C2C-Type Terminal StrapPost to Post50 Amp0.69 Inch
17 mm
0.41 Inch
10 mm
C3C-Type Terminal StrapPost to Post100 Amp1.31 Inch
33 mm
0.56 Inch
14 mm
C4C-Type Terminal StrapPost to Post200 Amp1.31 Inch
33 mm
0.56 Inch
14 mm
C6C-Type Terminal StrapPost to Post400 Amp1.38 Inch
35 mm
0.69 Inch
18 mm

Terminal Straps Chart

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Aluminum straps are stamped with the part number for easy identification and proper matching to the correct diameter Starbars.

Ordering Specifications

A letter A, B, or C identifies the type of strap. The next number indicates the current capacity 1 = 25 amps, 2 = 50 amps, 3 = 100 amps, or 4 = 200 amps. The last two digits indicate the working length in inches. To convert from millimeters to inches, divide by 25.4. Example, 254 mm ÷ 25.4 = 10 inches. If you have a strap and want to reorder, it is easier to measure the overall length. Subtract the following from the overall length in inches to determine the working length for ordering: Type A1 -3″, A2 -3.5″, A3 -6″, A4 -3″, A6 –3.75″, B1 -4.87″, B2 -7″, B3 -10″, B4 -14″, C1 -0.75″, C2 -1″, C3, C4 and C6 -1.


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